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We have the biggest collection of self balancing scooters in the WORLD.
Straight from the UK delivered to your doorstep.  Here are our most useful selling self balancing scooters. You can shop the full collection of swegways right here and electric unicycles over here.
     Our swegboards take all of the power and  ability of our city swegways and deliver that little extra! Extra durable, bigger platform to stand on and more colour choices! Put in the fact you'll play your music you get the very best 2 for 1 purchase with Hype Boards™ through them and! Our swegboard range uses high tech Bluetooth tech, this means you can play your tracks that are own through your swegboard whilst rolling  down the street. Wireless, straight from your phone or device and taking you to where you have to  be in style. This really is not only any swegboard that is ordinary! This really is the generation swegboard that is next. You already know the routine, we are the biggest and most useful vendor worldwide. Cheaper alternatives will not last, we manufacture every swegboard to perfection so that it lasts a lifetime.

Buy the hottest personal travel invention of the year from Hype Boards™, the very best swegway, swegboard and self balancing scooter store into  the UK. Shop the collection now.


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